AUSTRALIEN-INFO.DE is online since November 1997. The popularity of the website has steadily grown ever since. A few months after its start the service established itself as most popular web service about Australia in German language - one of the reasons is its extremely popular newsletter.

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Statistics about performance figures of AUSTRALIEN-INFO.DE

AUSTRALIEN-INFO.DE offers comprehensive transparency about its performance figures: The available figures are based on the log files of our web server. You may choose various statistics about and a display in graphics and/or tables. Another option for choice is the time span that is displayed. Please note: We have added some comments to allow you a better interpretation of the figures provided.

Graphic Table Data Description
  Page Impressions All requested pages - either static (HTML) or dynamic pages. Page Impressions are used as a unit of measurement for statistics provided by IVW, Nielsen Netratings or Netvalue.
  • Depending on the creation of a website in general the amount of page views may be pushed - willingly or unwillingly. Unneccessary and unproductive page impressions may be created on websites with a difficult navigation (e.g. tree structure with no cross links and a navigation that always requires to go back to the top level of the site) or short text sequences, where content is divided in to various pages. AUSTRALIEN-INFO.DE has decided to rather use "long" pages and pack one topic at a page, e.g. because users tend to print these pages.
  Visits Visits of the website (per month)
One visit is defined as one uninterrupted usage process on a website, throughout one connection. All page impressions within a predefined time frame are summed up as "one visit". The visits displayed are connected file requests of the same IP-address within 30 minutes. If a visitor pauses for 30 minutes or more before clicking the next page a second visit will be registered.
  • Technical limitations of the accuracy of these figures: The IP-address of a visitor may change throughout a connection (e.g. when using a proxy server) or several visitors are using the same IP-address (e.g. because they are using a proxy connection). The "real" amount of visits can only be recognized if we would urge users to register themselves.
  • The time span of 30 minutes is an assumption for a "typical" visit, gained from user habits.
  • Trend: The users of AUSTRALIEN-INFO.DE tend to visit the site frequently and intensively creating a lot of page impressions. This behavior confirms that the site is used for planning tours - depending on individual interest and research and communication with others interested in Australia.
  Visitors Visitors of the website (per month)
The displayed Visitors are users, where a unique IP-address was detected at one or more visits throughout one month.
  • When interpreting "visitors" please keep in mind the same factors as when interpreting the amount of "visits".
  • Trend: The users of AUSTRALIEN-INFO.DE are visiting the site at least twice a month.
  Countries of origin AUSTRALIEN-INFO.DE is used primarily of users in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Australia, Liechtenstein, Italy (especially South Tyrol), France (especially Alsac), Belgium (most likely in the Eastern part) and regions close to the border with German speaking population in the Netherlands and Denmark.
  • A lot of big internet providers (AOL, Compuserve, T-Online,...) are not using country codes (e.g. or This does not allow an authentication of the countr of origin of a user. The figures displayed are reflecting this situation in a low amount of origins that could have been identified. At least 50 % are likely to be added for Germany when adding customers of T-Online and AOL.
  Operator database
pinboard of offers
Both service modules are data bases, integrated in AUSTRALIEN-INFO.DE. Requests of of these data bases are captured and additionally "click-throughs" to websites from the database of operators.
A "click-through" is the strongest online "currency" , similar to a so-called AdClick - a click on an advertising banner, resulting in opening the advertisers website.
  Newsletter Subscribers AUSTRALIEN-INFO.DE is sending an extensive newsletter free of charge to all users that have registered themselves with their e-Mail-address. The service started in January 1998 and proved to be extremely popular.
The subscriber figure is "net", already reduced of invalid e-Mail-addresses, bounces and subscriptions which were terminated.

Months to be displayed
  • If you do not enter a number of months a 12 months display will appear automatically.
  • Enter "0" if you want a display of the whoe available time span.

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